Shotgun Python API3

Release master. (Installation)

Shotgun provides a simple Python-based API for accessing Shotgun and integrating with other tools. The Shotgun API allows users to integrate their tools with Shotgun very easily. Using this simple but powerful python module , you can quickly get your scripts integrated with Shotgun’s CRUD-based API.

Because the needs of every studio can prove to be very different, we don’t include a lot of “automation” or “smarts” in our API. We have kept it pretty low-level and leave most of those decisions to you. The API is powerful enough you can write your own “smarts” in a wrapper on top of the Shotgun API.

In addition to basic metadata, the API contains methods for managing media including thumbnails, filmstrip thumbnails, images, uploaded, and both locally and remotely linked media like Quicktimes, etc.


sg = shotgun_api3.Shotgun("",
sg.find("Shot", filters=[["sg_status_list", "is", "ip"]], fields=["code", "sg_status_list"])


[{'code': 'bunny_020_0170',
  'id': 896,
  'sg_sequence': {'id': 5, 'name': 'bunny_020', 'type': 'Sequence'},
  'sg_status_list': 'ip',
  'type': 'Shot'},
 {'code': 'bunny_020_0200',
  'id': 899,
  'sg_sequence': {'id': 5, 'name': 'bunny_020', 'type': 'Sequence'},
  'sg_status_list': 'ip',
  'type': 'Shot'},
 {'code': 'bunny_030_0080',
  'id': 907,
  'sg_sequence': {'id': 6, 'name': 'bunny_030', 'type': 'Sequence'},
  'sg_status_list': 'ip',
  'type': 'Shot'}]