Known Issues & Compatibility Notes

Because ShotGrid and Jira are both highly customizable and have different APIs, there are some cases where things may not match up as expected. There are also cases where certain features have not been implemented yet.

  • Deletion events are not handled yet.
  • SG Jira Bridge does not create entities in ShotGrid, it will only update existing ones. This means syncing can only initiate from ShotGrid and not from Jira. If an entity in ShotGrid that was synced with an issue in Jira is deleted, it will not currently be re-created in ShotGrid.
  • In most cases only one SyncHandler can handle a given event. The exception is with the Sync In Jira event which is a special case that is handled by the EnableSyncingHandler which is a container for multiple handlers.
  • Notes in ShotGrid can be linked to multiple entities, but Comments in Jira can only be linked to a single Issue. Notes linked to multiple entities in ShotGrid will be synced in Jira but only linked to a single Issue. There is no logic to choosing which Issue the Note is linked to other than the first one that the Bridge encounters.
  • ShotGrid Notes contain a subject and content, while Jira Comments have only a body. When syncing Notes from ShotGrid to Jira, a special formatting is used to mimic the structure that ShotGrid uses. Updates to a Comment in Jira must retain this formatting otherwise the Comment will not sync back to ShotGrid.
  • Note Replies in ShotGrid are not currently handled by SG Jira Bridge. Jira has no concept of replies, or threading in Comments. This workflow is being investigated.
  • Duplicating an Entity in ShotGrid that is currently synced with Jira, will also duplicate the Jira Key field, possibly causing data corruption. We recommend not duplicating synced Entities in ShotGrid. Alternatively, you may enable unique values on the Jira Key in ShotGrid, however this will now generate an error in ShotGrid if a synced Entity is duplicated. Perhaps it’s better than possibly corrupting the synced Jira Issue.
  • Jira single-line Text Field fields are limited to 255 characters. When syncing from ShotGrid to Jira, if the ShotGrid field is mapped to a Jira single-line Text Field, and the value is longer than 255 characters, a warning is logged, the synced value will be truncated and an addendum added that says to look in ShotGrid for the full value. This could cause data loss if the field is then updated in Jira which will overwrite the original value in ShotGrid.