Upload a Thumbnail for a Version

So you’ve created a new Version of a Shot, and you’ve updated Shotgun, but now you want to upload a beauty frame to display as the thumbnail for your Version. We’ll assume you already have the image made (located on your machine at /v1/gun/s100/010/beauties/anim/100_010_animv1.jpg) . And since you’ve just created your Version in Shotgun, you know its id is 214.


If you upload a movie file or image to the sg_uploaded_movie field and you have transcoding enabled on your server (the default for hosted sites), a thumbnail will be generated automatically as well as a filmstrip thumbnail (if possible). This is a basic example of how to manually provide or replace a thumbnail image.

Upload the Image using upload_thumbnail()

sg.upload_thumbnail("Version", 214, "/v1/gun/s100/010/beauties/anim/100_010_animv1.jpg")

Shotgun will take care of resizing the thumbnail for you. If something does go wrong, an exception will be thrown and you’ll see the error details.


The result returned by upload_thumbnail() is an integer representing the id of a special Attachment entity in Shotgun. Working with Attachments is beyond the scope of this example. :)