Onboarding Process

Leveraging the isolation features requires adopters to become AWS users. In order to ensure that this joint venture between Autodesk, AWS, and our clients is as streamlined as possible, we decided to work closely with AWS to define a cooperative onboarding process that would meet client expectations for a premium offering.

Autodesk will provide dedicated resources during the onboarding process to help you on this journey.

To start the on-boarding process for any of the Isolation features, please fill out this short survey, before proceeding with your setup.

Onboarding Process Overview

During the onboarding process, you’ll have direct access to Autodesk resources who will support you during the implementation.

Setup / Test / Activation: Iterative installation process where you connect your AWS resources to ShotGrid, and activate the isolation features.

Onboarding Resources

ShotGrid Community: The ShotGrid Isolation Community forum can be used to ask questions that can be answered by either ShotGrid Experts or other isolation features users. This should be your first stop when asking general questions about isolation features, during setup and beyond.

Dedicated Microsoft Teams team: During the onboarding, you will be given access to a Microsoft Teams team. Your ShotGrid leaders will be available for quick feedback, answers, and ad-hoc meetings to help you progress as fast as possible with your ShotGrid Isolation setup. This channel will be available only for the onboarding period.

ShotGrid Support: A ShotGrid Support ticket will be used to track your onboarding at a higher level. Once your ShotGrid Isolation setup is complete, follow-up support tickets can be opened with the support team as needed.

Next Steps

Once the onboarding process is started, you can start thinking about your setup

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