Flame Review

The ShotGrid Flame Review App makes it easy to push one or more sequences from Flame into ShotGrid review.

Simply right click a sequence or a selection of sequences that you want to review:


Select the ShotGrid Review Option:


A Toolkit UI will appear where you can add some review notes:


When you click ok, a background job will be generated and everything will happen behind the scenes. The following steps will be carried out:

  • The Sequence will be exported to disk as a quicktime. This export is handled as a Flame Quicktime export and you have complete control of the various settings via a configuration hook.

  • Once the sequence is complete, Toolkit will check if there is a matching Sequence in ShotGrid. If not, a Sequence will be created automatically.

  • A review version will be generated and associated with the sequence.

  • Lastly, the quicktime will be uploaded to the review version.

The process supports audio tracks, transitions etc and should be a “what you see is what you get”. Once in ShotGrid, you can review the media in many different ways, including the client review site and the ShotGrid iPhone app.

Customization and Settings

The Flame Review app can be customized in a couple of different ways:

  • You can control which Entity Type that should be used in ShotGrid to represent a Sequnce in Flame. For example, if you are working on episodic content, it may make more sense to link your review versions to episodes in ShotGrid rather than sequences.

  • You can customize which tasks the app should automatically add to new items created in ShotGrid. This is done via a task template setting and allows you to standardize the structure that’s created.

  • Via a hook, you get complete control over the xml preset that the app uses to generate a quicktime out of Flame.

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