The ShotGrid engine for VRED contains a standard platform for integrating ShotGrid Apps into VRED. It is lightweight and straight forward and adds a ShotGrid menu to the VRED menu.

Supported Application Versions

This item has been tested and is known to be working on the following application versions:

2020.3 — 2022

Please note that it is perfectly possible, even likely, that it will work with more recent releases, however it has not yet been formally tested with these versions.

Information for App Developers

VRED Project Management

Whenever the ShotGrid engine for VRED starts, it will set the VRED Project to point at a location defined in the settings for this engine. This means that the Project may also change when a new file is opened. The details relating to how the VRED project is set based on a file can be configured in the configuration file, using the template system.

Working with tk-vred

This ShotGrid integration supports the VRED product family (Pro & Design).

When VRED opens, a ShotGrid menu (the VRED engine) is added to the menu bar. menu

File Open and Save

Use the My Tasks and Assets tabs to see all your assigned tasks and browse for assets. To the right, use these tabs to view all files, working or published files associated with what is selected to the left. file open

file save


Publish: Opens the Publish dialog for publishing the file to ShotGrid, which can then be used by artists downstream. For more information on VRED Publishing, see here publish


Load: Opens the Content Loader app, along with instructional slides explaining how it works. To see more info about VRED loading see here loader

Scene Breakdown

Scene Breakdown: Opens the Breakdown dialog, which displays a list of “referenced” files (and their links), along with what in the scene is out-of-date or using an alternate version of the PublishedFile. breakdown

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