How do I uninstall an app or engine?

You can remove an app or engine by editing your configuration’s environment YAML files, so that the app or engine is no longer present. The environment files allow you to configure apps to only be available in certain contexts or engines instead of removing them entirely. To find out more about editing environment files in general, take a look at this guide.


Here is an example on how to entirely remove the Publish app from our Default Configuration. Apps are added to engines inside the environment settings, so we must remove the Publish app from all engines that its been added to.

Removing the App from the engines

Each engine has its own YAML file inside .../env/includes/settings; as the Publish app is included in all engines you will need to modify each engine YAML file. Taking the Maya engine as an example you would open up tk-maya.yml and remove all references to the Publish app.

First there is a reference to it in the includes section:
.../env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yml L18

The app is also being included in the Maya engine when in an Asset Step context:
.../env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yml L47
As well as a line adding it to the menu favourites:
.../env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yml L56

Then you have a repeat of these lines under the Shot Step settings:
.../env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yml L106
.../env/includes/settings/tk-maya.yml L115

You would then repeat these steps for all the other engine environment yml files, such as tk-nuke, tk-3dsmaxplus, tk-desktop, and so on.

Important : At this point you have done enough to stop the app from appearing in the integrations for your users, so this is as far as you need to go. However, if you want to completely remove reference to the app from your configuration for the sake of keeping it clean you would need to complete the remaining steps.

Removing the App settings

All those engines YAML files were including the tk-multi-publish2.yml settings file. Now that you have removed reference to it in your engine YAML files, you can remove this file entirely.

Important : If you remove the tk-multi-publish2.yml but still have engine files pointing at it then you will likely get an error along the lines of this:

Include resolve error in '/configs/my_project/env/./includes/settings/tk-desktop2.yml': './tk-multi-publish2.yml' resolved to '/configs/my_project/env/./includes/settings/./tk-multi-publish2.yml' which does not exist!

Removing the App Location

In the Default Configuration all the apps store their location descriptor in the …/env/includes/app_locations.yml file. The tk-multi-publish2.yml referenced this so you would need to remove the the descriptor lines.

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