Where is my cache?

Root Cache Location

Toolkit stores some data in a local cache to prevent unnecessary calls to the ShotGrid server. This includes the path cache, bundle cache, and thumbnails. While the default location should work for most users, it is configurable using the cache_location core hook should you need to change it.

The default cache root location is:

Mac OS X






Path Cache

The path cache is located at:


Bundle Cache

Distributed Configurations

The bundle cache is a cached collection of all the applications, engines, and frameworks used across all of the projects on your ShotGrid site. The bundle cache for distributed configs is stored in the following location:

Mac: ~/Library/Caches/Shotgun/bundle_cache

Windows: %APPDATA%\Shotgun\bundle_cache

Linux: ~/.shotgun/bundle_cache

Note : You can override these locations with the SHOTGUN_BUNDLE_CACHE_PATH environment variable, so specific implementations may vary.

Centralized Configurations

The bundle cache for centralized configs are located inside the centralized configuration.

...{project configuration}/install/

If your configuration uses a shared core, then this will be located inside your shared core’s install folder instead.


Thumbnails used by Toolkit apps (like the Loader) are stored in the local Toolkit cache. They are stored per Project, Pipeline Configuration, and App (as needed). The structure beneath the root cache directory is as follows:


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