Media Replication


It’s possible to add S3 replication between two S3 buckets in different regions and configure ShotGrid to leverage it for faster access to media.


How it works

When S3 bucket replication is activated, users will be able download media files from the replica S3 bucket.

For each user, the S3 replication is activated by the Use S3 Replication field.

Value Behavior
no Never use replica S3 bucket (default)
yes Use replica S3 bucket when delay is over
auto Use replica S3 bucket when delay is over and the client IP is in IP Adresses for S3 replication range

The IP Adresses for S3 replication preference can be edited in Site Preferences under the Isolation category.


  • Only one replica S3 bucket can be configured
  • Only downloading from the replica bucket is supported
  • Configurable delay for new media to be replicated before being made available to users

Setup steps

Configure your site

To configure S3 replication, you will need to add an additional entry to the “S3 Configuration” site preference. The complete entry may look something like the following:

   "<S3_CONFIG_NAME>": {​​​​​​​​
     "region": "<BUCKET_REGION>",
     "bucket": "<BUCKET_NAME>",
     "prefix": "<BUCKET_PREFIX>",
     "aws_role_arn": "<ROLE_ARN>",
     "s3_interface_vpc_endpoint_dns_name": "<S3_INTERFACE_VPC_ENDPOINT>"
   "<S3_CONFIG_NAME_REPLICA>": {​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
     "region": "<BUCKET_REGION_REPLICA>",
     "bucket": "<BUCKET_NAME_REPLICA>",
     "prefix": "<BUCKET_PREFIX_REPLICA>",
     "aws_role_arn": "<ROLE_ARN>",
     "s3_interface_vpc_endpoint_dns_name": "<S3_INTERFACE_VPC_ENDPOINT_REPLICA>"

After the configuration has been updated on your site, navigate to the /admin/speedtest route of your ShotGrid site. Select the new S3_CONFIG_NAME_REPLICA and start the test to confirm that all the upload/download tests work as intended.

Update the following Site Preferences:

  • S3 Bucket for Replication - This should have the same value as S3_CONFIG_NAME_REPLICA from the S3 Configuration
  • S3 Replication Delay - Set this to something reasonable such as 60 seconds.


Copy existing media

S3 replication only applies to media uploaded after the feature has been enabled. Existing media in the primary bucket must be copied to the replica bucket manually. You can simply use aws-cli sync or use Amazon S3 Batch Operations if you have a lot of media to achieve this.

Next Steps

See Fine Tuning to finalize your setup and optimize costs and security.

Go to Setup for an overview of the possible next steps.

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