ShotGrid Migration Test Site

Activating the isolation feature set is an intrusive procedure that can have an impact on the usability of your site. To prevent a production stopping event, we require clients to follow an approach where the configuration is first validated on a test site, before being applied to the production site.

The ShotGrid team will create a temporary site to be used as a Proof of Concept for your ShotGrid Isolation deployment. Upon the successful completion of the setup process, your existing ShotGrid site can be migrated to your ShotGrid Isolation environment.

If your Migration Test Site has not been created yet, please reach out to our Support team through your Zendesk ticket or your dedicated on-boarding Slack Channel.

Next Steps

Once you have your test site, you can the implementation of the feature you need.

See Media Isolation for activating the Media Isolation feature.

See Web Traffic Isolation for activating the Web Traffic Isolation feature.

Go to Setup for an overview of the possible next steps.

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