Toolkit Admin UI Framework

The Admin UI Framework implements a place that holds standard user interfaces that wrap Toolkit administrative commands.

Currently the only interface is for the setup_project command.

SetupProjectWizard API Reference

This is a QWizard implementation that walks somebody through setting up a Project from their ShotGrid instance for Toolkit. To use the wizard, simply create an instance of the class, passing in the project to setup (as a standard ShotGrid API entity dictionary) and the window to parent to.

adminui = sgtk.platform.import_framework("tk-framework-adminui", "setup_project")
setup = adminui.SetupProjectWizard(project, parent)
dialog_result = setup.exec_()

This will run the wizard and return a standard QDialog Accepted or Rejected value.

SetupProjectWizard Constructor

Initialize a SetupProjectWizard. This is a subclass of QtGui.QWizard.


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