Media Replication

ShotGrid is compatible with the S3 Cross-Region replication feature, allowing your users located in different regions to read from the region closer to them in order to reduce latency and increase throughput. Replication to one region is currently supported.



Media Isolation is required in order to elect Media Replication.

Configuration by users

When using Media Replication, each user can customize which region data is read from. A user can either specify the region to use, or use automatic mode. In automatic mode ShotGrid selects the replica determined by the user’s IP address using IP ranges specified in the Isolation Preferences.


How it works

ShotGrid can be configured to read from up to two different buckets. Using the AWS S3 Replication feature, you can configure replication between buckets in different regions, and then consume media from the region closest to your users. It is important to underline that media is always uploaded to the main bucket.


Following AWS service level agreement, S3 guarantees the replication of 99.99% of the object within 15 minutes.

Replication Delay

A small amount of time, typically under 15 minutes, is required before replication happens. The replication time depends on the size of the object to replicate. In order to alleviate that replication delay, ShotGrid will, for a small period of time, generate links from to object in the source bucket instead of the replica. The duration of this transitional state is configurable in the Isolation Preferences.


Activating the Media Replication feature can increase your AWS costs considerabibly. Before activating, be aware that:

  1. Your S3 cost linked to ShotGrid usage will more or less double, because the media is now stored in two regions.
  2. You will be charged for the transfer cost between the source and the destination region. See AWS S3 CRR and the destination region for more details.

Next Steps

See Media Replication Setup for setup instructions.

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